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Poker Run 2013

MDMC 6th Annuaal Golf Tournament

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MDMC 6th Poker Run


As well as the rides you see below the Dogs have their customary Tuesday night, Saturday rides and Iron Butt rides - see here.

Guests are welcome but need to make themselves know to the Ride Lead or the Sweepers will do their job.

MDMC also has many more Patch rides and informal rides that if you guest ride with us you'll get to know about. For info and photos of MDMC rides look around this site.

Below is a rough guide to the 2010 Patch and mandatory rides. Rides will be added but none removed.

MDMC 4th Annual Poker Run


Each year the Mad Dog Motorcycle Club hosts a Charity Poker Run to help some of the local Foundations in need of assistance. The pictures on the left reflect just a few of these events that are held each year.

The Charity Poker Run will be held on Saturday February 13th and is open to all motorcycle and scooter riders no matter what size of bike you have. There will be participants from many of the local clubs in the region. There are great prizes for the best three poker hands at the end of the ride and a chance to win a new motorcycle in our raffle draw. To check the route and all the times and details please click on the link above.

MDMC 4th Annual Charity Poker Run

Riding with the MAD DOGS is as close to heaven as some will ever come........




December 2009

Saturday Rides

11-12 AGM ride to Subic via Hundred Islands day 2 back to Handle Bar

13 Dec run to Manila Angeles City to ride to Toy Run


February 2010

Saturday Rides

05-07 Q1 IC Meeting - Pattaya, Thailand

06-07 Road Rats Party in Laoag

13 Mad Dog MC Angeles Sub-Chapter Poker Run

11-14 2010 The Balloon Festival, Clark, Pampanga. BOD Meeting in A C on Saturday


March 2010

Saturday Rides 5 QMM La Union overnight and back to AC

6 QMM Meeting in A C and Overnight after meeting

7 QMM return home

13 BOD Meeting in Manila around 11-1pm

Tattoo Run


April 2010

Saturday Rides

10 BOD Meeting AC around 11-1 pm

17 Operation Tule

May 2010

Saturday Rides

05-07 BOD Meeting Manila around 11-1 pm


June 2010

Saturday Rides

11 QMM Ride to Baler overnight

12 QMM Meeting in Baler and BOD Meeting

13 QMM Return home


July 2010

Saturday Rides

BOD Meeting Manila around 11-1 pm

16-25 Trip south to Mindanao for those who can join in


September 2010

Saturday Rides

11 911 Ride BOD Meeting AC around 11-1 pm

17-19 Q3 IC Meeting Japan with Dog X

24 QMM Ride to Banaue 25 QMM Meeting in Banaue

26 QMM Return Home


October 2010

Saturday Rides

09 Ride for our Brothers (Fallen Mad Dogs)

09 Dog 16 in the Philippines BOD Meeting Manila around 11-1 pm

25 MDMC Golf Tournament


December 2010

10 AGM Ride to Sierra Madre

11 AGM and BOD Meeting in Manila and Party Club Zodiac

12 Toy Run in Handle Bar